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A Kingdom Management representative will drive through the community periodically (at least once monthly) to assess homeowners’ compliance with the Hunters Ridge Rules & Regulations (which are derived from the Covenants & Restrictions).


The Kingdom Management representative will identify property addresses not in compliance and record specific details regarding any violation(s).

Homeowners may, at their discretion, confidentially report infractions to Kingdom Management.


For homes with uncorrected violations, up to three consecutive letters will be delivered:

Letter One:

  • A letter will be delivered to the owner and current resident (if different, each will receive a copy).
  • The letter will describe the violation and give an opportunity to correct it within 21 days. The owner will be instructed to contact Kingdom Management within the 21-day period to request an extension if they are unable to correct the violation within 21 days.

Letter Two / Three:

  • If the violation has not been corrected by the third inspection, it will be brought to the Board of Directors who will propose to fine the owner as provided by Florida Statute 720.305.
  • The owner will then receive a letter notifying them of the proposed fine and be given an opportunity to appeal at the next Fine Appeals Committee meeting.

Levying of Fines

The opportunity to appeal during a meeting before the Fine Appeals Committee will be given before a fine is officially imposed, however, it is the owner’s sole responsibility to make their appeal. If no attempt to appeal is made during this meeting, the Fine Appeals Committee reserves the right impose the fine, effective immediately.

If the Fine Appeals Committee, by majority vote, does not approve a proposed fine, it may not be imposed against the homeowner.

The Committee’s decision (approval or dismissal of the proposed fine) will be reported to the Board of Directors.


Fine Appeals Committee Members

The members of the Fine Appeals Committee are comprised of at least three members of the community not currently serving on, nor related to any member of, the Board of Directors.